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Common Ground 2017



Common Ground Inclusive Design Exhibition

*In partnership with Budapest Design Week 

Common Ground is an inclusive design exhibition. The featured brands have one thing in common: they all work towards a better, more equal and integral world through design. Either they involve disabled labour, they create jobs for marginalized communities, or they contemplate on rare conditions through design- the outcome is a collection of high-quality and beautiful objects.

(Non-profit company working in Szeged, Hungary, creating refurbished, luxury furniture with young unemployed carpenter students.) 
(A furniture and home goods line, produced by youngsters with autism.) 
(Social brand based in Cieszyn, Poland, which produces wooden objects through inclusive employment.)
- A Avó Veia trabalhar (PT) 
(Lisbon-based social enterprise and community hub that creates opportunity for elderly ladies to get involved in creative processes and socialize.)
- Wolvaeren (NL) 
(The weaving loom is designed for users of a wide variety of mental abilities, created through an integrated design process.)
(Tactile carpets created from leather leftovers, handmade by brasilian disabled workers. 
(A game specially designed for the kids of autistic parents to better understand mental processes.)
- Social Label (NL) 
(Design creates socio economic opportunities for disadvantaged persons in the ‘working world’. Social label is a new ‘work concept’ for people with a distance to the labour market. Social label involves designers, companies (social firms), healthcare and governmental organisations for new possibilities.

Pictures of earlier exhibitions can be found here.

Organizer: MAXCity Centre of Interior Design (2024, Törökbálint, Tópark u. 1/a).