Vissza a lap tetejére

Montenegrói Gurman Restaurant


The Montenegrói Gurman is a traditional restaurant. With it's flavors, atmosphere and hospitality offers our guests a truly Mediterranean feel. The smell of freshly grilled food and the magic of the Montenegrin milieu evoke the atmosphere of seaside holidays. Traditional dishes are made by original recipes and by our chefs and bakers who's arrived from Serbia and Montenegro.


Event Hall


The event hall of MAXCity Centre of Interior Design is perfect for business and private events, conferences, office or VIP parties. The large foreground is ready to welcome guests of any events. We set up the chairs and tables according to your request. The 500 square-meter space is air-conditioned, projector and catering service is also available on request. Learn more


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Tópark utca 1/a, 2045 Törökbálint, Hungary

MaxCity Office: (+36) 23 532 660